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Kenyan teen’s extraordinary artistry garners international praise

Wangari Njoroge Art as a career is slowly seeing the light of day as many creatives are being given the spaces they have long deserved while getting recognition for their work. Hailing from Mombasa County in Kenya’s Coastal region, Zubeda Shabaan Maloba an exceptional artist has continued to gain both local and international acknowledgement for […]

Kenya’s Road to Change: Averting the fatal accident crisis

Wangari Njoroge A crisis of deaths caused by reckless driving and bad roads is being averted as the issue has been labeled a menace and a pandemic in the country. According to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in Kenya, road accidents across the country have claimed 563 lives since the year started and […]

Africa Storytellers festival 2024

Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals in collaboration with Africa Change Narrative Stories had announced the date for Africa Storytellers Festival 2024. This is the first of its kind in Africa. Africa(ns) media and storytelling plains have been dominated so far by stereotypical single story that had been disempowering to the whole continent at large. […]

Village doctor promoting life and health management in Kenya

Esther J Vihiga county in Kenya has over 716.000 population and was formerly a district under old kakamega district. Its headquarters is located in Mbale. It has a total of 93 health facilities of all categories which are grossly inadequate,. Many of the facilities also lack modern medical facilities that can meet the needs of […]

Harnessing potentials of natural resources in Zambia

Sifuwe Mwangala With what others call weed or trash, Namakau Muhau of Muoyo Royal Village in Western part of Zambia, in Southern Africa, saw beauty and opportunities in it. 65-year-old Namakau’s ability to see potential in ordinary objects demonstrates her resourcefulness and commitment to sustainable practices. A hat and bag designed She uses grass and […]

Chimpanzee conservation in Rwenzori in Uganda

Innocent Kiiza The consequences are stark. Chimpanzee populations in Mt. Rwenzori National Park. Uganda over the past few decades have been endangered, facing a near-universal decline – vanished, killed by disease, or poachers. The once-vibrant chorus of the forest is now a haunting echo, a reminder of the delicate balance that has been disrupted. A key […]

Western Uganda: How Kibale Forest National Park Is Boosting Tourism and Impacting Local Communities

Aaron Ainomugisha,     Kibale Forest National Park Kibale Forest National Park(Photo credit: Aaron Ainomugisha,) Located in Kamwenge district western Uganda, Kibale forest national park has created testimonies in the lives of many locals around it as it impacts their livelihoods and boosts tourism. Kibale national park which was gazetted in 1932 and formally established in […]

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