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LSCS creates safe space, advocates for sickle cell patients’ inclusion

Ayo Oladiran With its innovative and creative way of making the struggle of students with sickle cell disease within the Lagos state university community bearable, Lagos state University Sickle Cell Society is helping patients to reduce the pain of Haemoglobin S (HbS) Disease through its safe space and advocacy initiative. Timilehin Isholaoluwa is a sickle cell […]

NGO educates, employs Person with Disabilities

Fawaz Adebisi In African societies, persons with disability are always stigmatized, discriminated against, segregated and abandoned, leaving them with helpless lives and an undetermined future. With Nigeria having over 35 million PWDs, financial, societal and economic challenges faced by them are double of what the abled person faces, according to the World Bank, FAWAZ ADEBISI […]

How A Disable Group  In A Community In Bo Defied The Odds

Dadson A. Musa Being physically disabled in a country that is grappling with poverty and therefore lacks basic social amenities can be described as double jeopardy. Government policy has not catered too well for them though and their living conditions can best be described as dire. A manual production zone where fiid is prepared. (Photo […]

Effective communication support for persons with Deaf-Blindeness in Rwanda

Francine UWAYISABA Persons with deaf-blindness may have difficulty accessing information due to their sensory impairments. They always struggle to understand spoken language, facial expressions, or gestures, making it difficult to interact with family members, friends, and community members. The only language to communicate is tactile which is rarely known in the society. Simply, they live […]

Vehicle remodeler meeting mobility needs of challenged persons

Rasheedat Oladotun-Iliyas At the bus stop in Oro town, Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, North Central Nigeria, commercial vehicle operators take turn to pick up passengers. Soon it was Bayo Isaac’s turn, so he drove his vehicle forward and leaned out of the window to call out to passengers going to his route. […]

Hope for PWD’s inclusion in governance

Phillip Anjorin Olakunle Motunrayo had no intention of voting in Osun state at the February 2023 Presidential election because a few years before, she had an unforgettable experience. The 2018 governorship election that brought in Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressive Congress (APC) was not entirely peaceful. A member of the International Federation of Women […]

Rwanda: Empowering visually impaired to access education

Francine UWAYISABA Historically, individuals with visual impairments were often marginalized and excluded from formal education. Over the years, the situation has improved significantly, shaped by changing societal attitudes, advancements in educational practices, and the advocacy efforts of individuals and organizations. For sure, significant efforts were made to educate some individuals with disabilities, but these were […]

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