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Africa Storytellers festival 2024

Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals in collaboration with Africa Change Narrative Stories had announced the date for Africa Storytellers Festival 2024. This is the first of its kind in Africa. Africa(ns) media and storytelling plains have been dominated so far by stereotypical single story that had been disempowering to the whole continent at large. […]

Human-Wildlife Conflict:  Electric Fences to the rescue in Uganda

Innocent Kiiza In Uganda, communities neighboring national parks often face the challenge of human-wildlife conflict, where animals encroach on farmland, leading to crop destruction, property damage, and sometimes loss of life. However, the implementation of electric fences has shown promise in mitigating these conflicts, providing a safer environment for both humans and wildlife. This article […]

PHA: Tech community building Product oriented Africans

Glorious Olajire Africa’s developer community is experiencing exponential growth due to the continent’s young and vibrant population, which is increasingly leveraging technology to solve problems, develop businesses and bring growth to Africa. The rise in tech training opportunities is also leading to a growing number of developers. As Africa gradually becomes the go-to destination for […]

Village doctor promoting life and health management in Kenya

Esther J Vihiga county in Kenya has over 716.000 population and was formerly a district under old kakamega district. Its headquarters is located in Mbale. It has a total of 93 health facilities of all categories which are grossly inadequate,. Many of the facilities also lack modern medical facilities that can meet the needs of […]

Uganda: App to bridge communication gap between health workers, patients

Aaron Ainomugisha, To bridge the communication gap between health workers and patients, a Ugandan scientist, Sir Khoi Khoi has developed a language translation application named Khoinology at Mbarara University of Science and Technology-MUST in Mbarara City western Uganda. Khoi Koi, a biomedical engineer was inspired to create the application after visiting health facilities around the […]

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