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Africa Storytellers festival 2024

Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals in collaboration with Africa Change Narrative Stories had announced the date for Africa Storytellers Festival 2024. This is the first of its kind in Africa. Africa(ns) media and storytelling plains have been dominated so far by stereotypical single story that had been disempowering to the whole continent at large. […]

 Ugandan market women thriving amid setbacks

Aaron Ainomugisha, In 1990, Ms. Jane Bigirwa lost her husband, becoming a young widow at the age of 26. She was working as a primary teacher, a job she later quit to begin a small retail shop in Kiyanja, Kamukuzi, Mbarara district (now city) in western Uganda. Rwebikoona Market 1 In 2004, Jane set up […]

Sauútiverse: Speculative African Writers Reshaping World building

Amadin Ogbewe .Every other day, we see and hear of the progress being made by Africans and Africans in the diaspora; in various fields and sectors. One, however, manages to be deep yet relatively quiet, and that is the world of speculative fiction, which has experienced major shakes by Africans in the last few years […]

Redefining healthcare delivery in Rural areas through Telemedicine

Oyinlola Abosede There is an Africa that we do not hear about frequently. This is the rising Africa; the treasury of opportunities; an Africa of rich cultural diversity; an Africa of thriving entrepreneurs; an Africa of limitless creativity and innovation; a continent with milk and honey; an Africa of hope where Africans are willing to […]

Transforming Mental Health in Nigeria’s rural communities

Yahuza Bawage As the eldest of six siblings, Jecinta Egbim spent her formative years in Kaduna state,Nigeria. With a passion for delving into psychological crime thrillers, honing her culinary skills, and immersing herself in evening strolls to stimulate her creativity, she embraced a diverse range of interests. Jecinta Egbin taking students mental health lessons Raised […]

Jitunze’s Journey in Promoting Mental Wellness in Kenya.

Tracy Anne Bonareri “Avant’s” journey is a testament to the transformative impact of Jitunze Wellness in Kenya’s mental health landscape. Through monthly meetups, WhatsApp discussions, and innovative events like the Kenya Men Awards, Jitunze promotes open dialogue and community support. Led by Grace Kinuthia, they advocate for preventative mental health care, challenge stigma, and provide […]

Collaborative synergies in East Africa for Universal Health Care

Joseph Checky Abuje The pharmaceutical industry in Africa have for along time been faced with a myriad of challenges that are now threatening service delivery in the health sector, especially in sub-Saharan Africa to the detriment of Universal health Care (UHC). Among the challenges are lack of trust, language barrier and lack of defined regulatory […]

Young women breaking barriers in Nigeria’s male-dominated work

Yahuza Bawage It was a sweltering Wednesday in February 2024. Salome Lenshie was engrossed in her latest project – transforming a client’s single room and bathroom with a fresh painting design. Painting wasn’t always Lenshie’s intended path. In 2019, she hired a professional to decorate her room, but learned lathat she couldn’t afford the fees […]

Gender based violence survivors rescuing victims

Fawaz Adebisi Nigerians who have been victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV)  are rescueing children and women from assault, abuse and violence. Balogun Israel was 10 years old when he found himself on the streets in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state in Nigeria, left to die or fend for himself Being from a polygamous […]

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