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Youth Empowerment Through Art: Tackling Drug Addiction in Harare’s Underprivileged Communities

Regina Rumbidzai Pasipanodya With the upsurge in drug and substance abuse in Zimbabwe, a common cancer that has severely affected the most communities in the country, Clide Chimbi (28) from Hopley has taken it upon himself a responsibility to save the youths in his community. Hopley is a peri-urban community in Harare that has an […]

LSCS creates safe space, advocates for sickle cell patients’ inclusion

Ayo Oladiran With its innovative and creative way of making the struggle of students with sickle cell disease within the Lagos state university community bearable, Lagos state University Sickle Cell Society is helping patients to reduce the pain of Haemoglobin S (HbS) Disease through its safe space and advocacy initiative. Timilehin Isholaoluwa is a sickle cell […]

Girls Education: Local NGO making impact in Borno State

Jibrin Kolo Adamu Down east in Borno State, where the echoes of the Boko Haram crisis have lingered for years, 11-year-old Amina Hassan found herself in dire straits. Despite being in primary 6, the possibility of transitioning to Junior Secondary (JSS) 1 seemed daunting. Amina could not even spell her name, let alone keep pace […]

Street to Class: NGO Provides Free Education, Transforms Lives

Toheeb Babalola Joy fills the air as the students, teachers, volunteers and parents gather and embrace themselves in welcoming a new academic term at the school premises after almost a month vacation. Every resumption day provides opportunity for the indigent parents to enrol their children for “Free” beyond elementary classes at this particular school. But […]

Shaping Tomorrow through Inclusive Tech Education in South Africa

Treezer Michelle Atieno In today’s world, computer programs are everywhere, shaping our likes, interactions, communications, and even our dreams. They hold the keys to our future, guiding us in ways beyond our imagination. But who gets to shape this future? That’s where Code Kamoso comes in. Students during on of the coding classes by Lelapa […]

Ivory Coast: fighting hunger and malnutrition in schools

Fatou Mosun Ivory coast (also known as  Côte d’Ivoire)   has a population of 29 Million . Children ages 0-14 years constitute 41% of the total population. Of the total population, over ten percent(3.1Million) are facing hunger. Statistics also show more than 23% of children in Ivory Coast are stunted due to malnutrition.  Other  statistics indicate […]

Uncommon , a non-profit tech organization, is offering free tech courses in Zimbabwe.

Emma Zihonye In a groundbreaking effort to bridge the digital divide and provide equal opportunities for youth in lower income communities, Uncommon , a non-profit tech organization, is offering free tech courses in Zimbabwe. With a focus on areas such as Dzivaresekwa, Mbare, Mufakose, Kuwadzana, Warren Park, Kambuzuma, as well as Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, […]

Education for less privileged children

Michael Dibie. Millions of secondary school students from poor households and communities in Nigeria, especially girls, mostly from the Northern part of the country find it difficult to complete secondary education. On record, Nigeria has approximately over 10.5million out of school children. Some of these children are potentially growing to become young adults someday and […]

Championing Girl-Child education for out of school children

Helen Okechukwu In the heart of Africa lies Nigeria, a nation where the promise of a brighter future begins with education, especially for children between the ages of 6 and 15. Yet, despite its position as the third-largest country globally, with 15% out of school children after India and Pakistan, Nigeria faces a staggering education crisis, as reported by […]

Advancing Inclusive, Equitable STEM education in Nigeria

Oyinlola Abosede In a bid to showcase Africa as a cradle of civilisation and industrialisation, where talent and creativity thrive, Champions Educational Foundation (CEF) is democratising and building resilient education systems for increased access to inclusive, lifelong and quality learning outcomes for all in Africa. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is crucial for […]

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