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Alternative to Violent Farmer-Herder Crisis In Nigeria’s Borno State

Jibrin Kolo Adamu Climate change has made Fulani herders in Borno state find new ways to feed their cattle. They’ve moved to Kwajaffa, a farming community in the south of the state. This has caused conflicts with local farmers. But there’s an interesting solution in progress. Cattle section of the market after the dispute was […]

Empowering women to fight for a sustainable environment 

Yahuza Bawage  In 2004, armed with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Olanike Olugboji-Daramola, who since childhood was passionate about sustainable environment, started the Environmental Management and Protection Network, a non-profit organization that unites individuals and organizations already committed to promoting environmental sustainability and effective waste management. This initiative sought a coordinated and harmonized […]

Campus student finds purpose in environmental conservation

Wangari Njoroge Transformation to a higher value-added economy and the ‘great green climate transition’ has proven to be the most viable route to mitigate climate crisis in the continent. Climate change continues to affect lives worldwide and efforts to combat its adverse effects have been called for. John Linus, a final year student at Moi […]

Sustainability through recycling organic waste

Wangari Njoroge Climate change has pushed nations to working in together to reduce carbon emissions, combat climate change, adapt sustainable and eco-friendly solutions and achieve the 1.5°C limit set by the Paris Agreement. A research by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in 2020 indicated that every day, urban centres in Kenya produce between 0.31 to […]

Family transforming Africa’s Chess landscape

Olamide Alhassan In the war of chess, where strategic brilliance meets mental agility, lies a remarkable tale of triumph from the unlikeliest of places. What started out as a retirement plan has taken a different turn to become a tale of African ingenuity and resilience that is challenging stereotypes and changing the narrative of a […]

How Kenyan Community Struggles to Balance between Survival and Conservation

William Abala A group of women can be seen cultivating the ground as the sun rises over the Mporoko swamp. They labor for long hours to support their families and are the backbone of this community. Many of these women have inadvertently contributed to the destruction of the wetlands because they are unaware of the […]

Cameroonian Entrepreneur turning waste car tires into Household Furniture

Che Azenyui Bruno             Ayeah Nini Leonette is a Cameroonian social entrepreneur, music artist and song writer. She is the Founder and CEO of Nini Recycling: A Cameroonian household furniture and design enterprise specialized in the production of household furniture from used car tires and iron objects.  Leonette’s venture into household furniture manufacturing began in 2020 […]

PHA: Tech community building Product oriented Africans

Glorious Olajire Africa’s developer community is experiencing exponential growth due to the continent’s young and vibrant population, which is increasingly leveraging technology to solve problems, develop businesses and bring growth to Africa. The rise in tech training opportunities is also leading to a growing number of developers. As Africa gradually becomes the go-to destination for […]

Burundi: Recycles plastic waste into paving stones

Alexandre Ndayishimiye While management of plastic waste constitutes a major problem in Burundi, the JENI-ECO COMPANY provides a solution for the population of Gitega (center of the country). It recycles those wastes into paving stones, a solution both for environment and for unemployment. Paving stones recycled Established in 2020, JENI-ECO COMPANY is a plastic recycling […]

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