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NGO educates, employs Person with Disabilities

Fawaz Adebisi In African societies, persons with disability are always stigmatized, discriminated against, segregated and abandoned, leaving them with helpless lives and an undetermined future. With Nigeria having over 35 million PWDs, financial, societal and economic challenges faced by them are double of what the abled person faces, according to the World Bank, FAWAZ ADEBISI […]

Kenyan teen’s extraordinary artistry garners international praise

Wangari Njoroge Art as a career is slowly seeing the light of day as many creatives are being given the spaces they have long deserved while getting recognition for their work. Hailing from Mombasa County in Kenya’s Coastal region, Zubeda Shabaan Maloba an exceptional artist has continued to gain both local and international acknowledgement for […]

Empowering Women through Skill Development in South Sudan

Peter Gatkuoth A young woman from Juba, South Sudan, channels her activism into empowering women and girls through her organization, offering training in bread-making, tailoring, and more. The organization’s focus on empowering widows and vulnerable women aims to foster self-sufficiency, with initiatives like bakery training providing stable income opportunities aligned with local market demands. Ruth […]

Zimbabwean women turning waste into livelihoods.

Regina Pasipondya Dressed up as beggars with large sacks on their backs, moving around in teams of twos, the women of the ‘IVA’ group from Domboshava, Mungate community in Zimbabwe move around picking up plastic bottles and other recycled materials for sale. The initiator, leader of the group IVA meaning; ‘you can become whatever you […]

Zimbabwe: A local woman triumph in Zvishavane’s Mining Industry

Regina Pasipanodya In Zvishavane, in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe, where the earth yields its hidden treasures, Namatirai Mpofu, a resilient woman of 36, has etched her name into the rugged landscape of the mining industry. She forged this path five years ago when her husband’s untimely demise thrust her into the role of sole […]

How Kenyan Community Struggles to Balance between Survival and Conservation

William Abala A group of women can be seen cultivating the ground as the sun rises over the Mporoko swamp. They labor for long hours to support their families and are the backbone of this community. Many of these women have inadvertently contributed to the destruction of the wetlands because they are unaware of the […]

Cameroonian Entrepreneur turning waste car tires into Household Furniture

Che Azenyui Bruno             Ayeah Nini Leonette is a Cameroonian social entrepreneur, music artist and song writer. She is the Founder and CEO of Nini Recycling: A Cameroonian household furniture and design enterprise specialized in the production of household furniture from used car tires and iron objects.  Leonette’s venture into household furniture manufacturing began in 2020 […]

 Ugandan market women thriving amid setbacks

Aaron Ainomugisha, In 1990, Ms. Jane Bigirwa lost her husband, becoming a young widow at the age of 26. She was working as a primary teacher, a job she later quit to begin a small retail shop in Kiyanja, Kamukuzi, Mbarara district (now city) in western Uganda. Rwebikoona Market 1 In 2004, Jane set up […]

Young minds shaping the future through technology

Olamide Alhassan. Young Africans, armed with creativity, resilience, and a deep understanding of their communities’ needs, are harnessing the power of technology to tackle pressing challenges and drive positive change. The solutions being offered span various sectors, from healthcare and education to agriculture and finance, demonstrating the breadth of ingenuity present on the African continent. […]

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