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Zimbabwe: A local woman triumph in Zvishavane’s Mining Industry

Regina Pasipanodya In Zvishavane, in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe, where the earth yields its hidden treasures, Namatirai Mpofu, a resilient woman of 36, has etched her name into the rugged landscape of the mining industry. She forged this path five years ago when her husband’s untimely demise thrust her into the role of sole […]

How Kenyan Community Struggles to Balance between Survival and Conservation

William Abala A group of women can be seen cultivating the ground as the sun rises over the Mporoko swamp. They labor for long hours to support their families and are the backbone of this community. Many of these women have inadvertently contributed to the destruction of the wetlands because they are unaware of the […]

Human-Wildlife Conflict:  Electric Fences to the rescue in Uganda

Innocent Kiiza In Uganda, communities neighboring national parks often face the challenge of human-wildlife conflict, where animals encroach on farmland, leading to crop destruction, property damage, and sometimes loss of life. However, the implementation of electric fences has shown promise in mitigating these conflicts, providing a safer environment for both humans and wildlife. This article […]

Rural farmers Hub:  Solving challenges through precision agriculture

Michael Dibie Nearly half of Nigerians live in rural areas where the primary occupation is farming. However, most of the small farmers do not have the required resources and equipment to engage in massive farming to provide enough food for the teeming population. According to the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, […]

Activists Battling Environmental Degradation in the Niger Delta

 Helen Okechukwu In the heart of Nigeria’s Niger Delta, where the emerald green landscapes once sang with the symphony of nature, a harsh reality now unfolds. For decades, the region has borne the heavy burden of environmental degradation, a consequence of relentless oil exploration and exploitation. However, amidst the desolation, a glimmer of hope emerges […]

Green Super Rice, a Project to Boost Farmer Incomes and increase Food Security in Africa

Treezer Michelle Atieno “Rice is a primary crop in many African nations, yet the absence of reliable seed systems means most locally grown rice comes from seeds farmers save themselves. These seeds aren’t purified or screened, resulting in low-quality harvests. Consequently, countries, particularly those in West Africa, must import rice to meet their needs. Unfortunately, […]

Beyond Bins: Pioneering the Future of Waste Management in Ghana

Jennifer Ambolley In Ghana, about 12,710 tons of solid waste is generated daily, with only 10% collected and disposed of at designated dumping sites. A major challenge in the management of solid waste in Ghana is the collection and disposal process, which are labor-intensive and often not effective. In urban cities in Ghana, issues relating to […]

Kenya: Disability group empowering lives through agriculture

Seliphar Machoni In the embrace of collective harmony, members of the Navakholo Disability Initiative Group in Kenya brave the chilly weather, bending in unison to harvest arrowroots and sweet potatoes from their farm. This poignant celebration is underscored by joyous songs, marking the triumph of their bountiful harvest. Some of the group members in a […]

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