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Alternative to Violent Farmer-Herder Crisis In Nigeria’s Borno State

Jibrin Kolo Adamu Climate change has made Fulani herders in Borno state find new ways to feed their cattle. They’ve moved to Kwajaffa, a farming community in the south of the state. This has caused conflicts with local farmers. But there’s an interesting solution in progress. Cattle section of the market after the dispute was […]

Green Super Rice, a Project to Boost Farmer Incomes and increase Food Security in Africa

Treezer Michelle Atieno “Rice is a primary crop in many African nations, yet the absence of reliable seed systems means most locally grown rice comes from seeds farmers save themselves. These seeds aren’t purified or screened, resulting in low-quality harvests. Consequently, countries, particularly those in West Africa, must import rice to meet their needs. Unfortunately, […]

Harnessing potentials of natural resources in Zambia

Sifuwe Mwangala With what others call weed or trash, Namakau Muhau of Muoyo Royal Village in Western part of Zambia, in Southern Africa, saw beauty and opportunities in it. 65-year-old Namakau’s ability to see potential in ordinary objects demonstrates her resourcefulness and commitment to sustainable practices. A hat and bag designed She uses grass and […]

East Africa: Building regenerative, sustainable Agricultural industry

Joseph Checky Abuje Agriculture is an essential part of East Africa’s economy and by extension the African continent. In most cases, rural farmers play a critical role in the sector’s growth. Statistics from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), indicate that the agricultural sector directly contributes up to 25% of the country’s Gross Domestic […]

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