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Youth Empowerment Through Art: Tackling Drug Addiction in Harare’s Underprivileged Communities

Regina Rumbidzai Pasipanodya With the upsurge in drug and substance abuse in Zimbabwe, a common cancer that has severely affected the most communities in the country, Clide Chimbi (28) from Hopley has taken it upon himself a responsibility to save the youths in his community. Hopley is a peri-urban community in Harare that has an […]

Zimbabwe: Innovative Young Minds Create Health App.

Regina Rumbidzai Pasipanodya. As young as they are, the three grade seven pupils harnessed technology that seeks to address health and diet issues faced by people in society. Following the new trend of people involved in a series of dieting to address obesity, three grade seven pupils from Westridge Primary School scooped the silver medals […]

LSCS creates safe space, advocates for sickle cell patients’ inclusion

Ayo Oladiran With its innovative and creative way of making the struggle of students with sickle cell disease within the Lagos state university community bearable, Lagos state University Sickle Cell Society is helping patients to reduce the pain of Haemoglobin S (HbS) Disease through its safe space and advocacy initiative. Timilehin Isholaoluwa is a sickle cell […]

NGO educates, employs Person with Disabilities

Fawaz Adebisi In African societies, persons with disability are always stigmatized, discriminated against, segregated and abandoned, leaving them with helpless lives and an undetermined future. With Nigeria having over 35 million PWDs, financial, societal and economic challenges faced by them are double of what the abled person faces, according to the World Bank, FAWAZ ADEBISI […]

Kenyan teen’s extraordinary artistry garners international praise

Wangari Njoroge Art as a career is slowly seeing the light of day as many creatives are being given the spaces they have long deserved while getting recognition for their work. Hailing from Mombasa County in Kenya’s Coastal region, Zubeda Shabaan Maloba an exceptional artist has continued to gain both local and international acknowledgement for […]

Alternative to Violent Farmer-Herder Crisis In Nigeria’s Borno State

Jibrin Kolo Adamu Climate change has made Fulani herders in Borno state find new ways to feed their cattle. They’ve moved to Kwajaffa, a farming community in the south of the state. This has caused conflicts with local farmers. But there’s an interesting solution in progress. Cattle section of the market after the dispute was […]

Kenya’s Road to Change: Averting the fatal accident crisis

Wangari Njoroge A crisis of deaths caused by reckless driving and bad roads is being averted as the issue has been labeled a menace and a pandemic in the country. According to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in Kenya, road accidents across the country have claimed 563 lives since the year started and […]

Empowering Women through Skill Development in South Sudan

Peter Gatkuoth A young woman from Juba, South Sudan, channels her activism into empowering women and girls through her organization, offering training in bread-making, tailoring, and more. The organization’s focus on empowering widows and vulnerable women aims to foster self-sufficiency, with initiatives like bakery training providing stable income opportunities aligned with local market demands. Ruth […]

Zimbabwean women turning waste into livelihoods.

Regina Pasipondya Dressed up as beggars with large sacks on their backs, moving around in teams of twos, the women of the ‘IVA’ group from Domboshava, Mungate community in Zimbabwe move around picking up plastic bottles and other recycled materials for sale. The initiator, leader of the group IVA meaning; ‘you can become whatever you […]

Resilience Rising: A South Sudanese Woman’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Peter Gatkuoth The young woman from South Sudan embarked on entrepreneurship by selling clothes and using her platform to encourage other women to embrace women’s empowerment and self-independence Nyayiey Gatluak Chuol is the CEO of Destiny Fashion Boutique (photo credit courtesy) In the heart of South Sudan, amidst the echoes of a turbulent past and […]

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